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"Training You To Train Your Dog" (presently on special see home page for details)

"Howdy Mr./Ms. Dog Trainer"! I am so sure that this series will offer you some innovative and practical information, that if you EMAIL my master, they will send you the first video tape in the series, for a 14 day evaluation. If you like what you see just pay the bill. (if you just keep the first tape that is sent it is $29.95...{55 minutes}...if you want the rest of the tapes the total cost is $99.95 in US dollars "but" if you prepay and purchase the complete set, send only $99.95 in US dollars or $129.95 Canadian (plus GST or HST). Shipping is included for this special offer only. If not, just send back the tape .

The Darr Houssen Dog Training Video Series The set of tapes which total 4 1/2 plus hours cover the methods and the order of training for an 8 week Dog Obedience School. With a word processor you can use the material in the manual to make your own manuals "providing credit is given to us and there are no additions or omissions. ( copywritten 1999 materials)

Comments from Jim Houssen

Training dogs and improving the methods outlined since age 13. at least that is when I figured out that I was training dogs ( now 52 ) Many schools across Canada and the United States and as far away as Australia and Sweden now are now using these "non-threatening method", ...Training with Love and Respect "NOT FOOD or FEAR".

What this means is

Yes! ...we will use food if a positive motivation is needed "just to get attention" then we drop the food idea very...very...quickly.

Yes! we will use the choke chain as a correction tool if absolutely needed. (example aggression).

We do have a choke chain on the dog for the sound that the links create as they rub against each other, not to hang a dog.
Improperly used then it is indeed a choke chain. That is why we call it a slip collar.

Why do our methods work while others may not? Because we use methods developed over thousands of years, naturally. We study Mother Nature's way in every training segment and modify it for a human to use.

There is some conflict here with some trainers, but I would rather have my dog do something for me because it loves me and respects me "not" because of what the dog will get for a treat or because it's afraid of me. The faster I wean off of food "if necessary", the faster I will see a bond form between me and the dog. Besides, to properly train with food you have to really be able to read your dog in order to get him off food training at the correct time. Do I use food training at all? Just for very young puppies and just to get their attention. Oh yes I will consider and use (if needed to motivate) food training for Flyball, Agility or fun games where obedience is not the question, but having fun is. When your son goes to a baseball game with you do you buy him popcorn a hot dog and a soda pop? Sure you do, that's part of the fun. When they go to school do you give them a cookie for going today. No way! Very few people I have ever met can read their dog well enough to use food in training. Many inexperienced dog handlers become comfortable with the "he only does it for food mentality". Sure it's easier, but do you really feel like you solidified the bond between you and your dog? Would you give your kid a cookie to go to bed on time? Imagine this with an eight year old....

"Paula, there is school tomorrow if you go to bed now I will give you a cookie"....

Any guarenteed respect there? .... I can see it all now the wife telling the husband to run to the store before 8 PM to get some cookies so Paula will go to bed. With kids, respect and love together make great kids. No matter what happens in a person's life a family can get through it if there is genuine love with mutual respect. Love without discipline equals problems with kids. Discipline without love is just as bad or worse! Don't kid yourself you cannot fool a kid or a dog..... they know when love is real. "How proud we are when we call our dog to us at any time and the dog runs up to the master with real love and will be attentive with respect". Not for the cookie the dog may get, but for the genuine love it has for you.

This is what this training course and videos and CDROMs are all about. So if you are interested in that kind of training these tapes are for you.
To own the Darr or& Jim Houssen video and or CDROM series, fill out the form below or call our toll free at (800) 363-1178. It works in North America.. We will take the credit card information over the phone. Sorry......no free dog advice on our 800 line but if you call our regular number (506) 853-8999 we will be glad to help you "and for free!". The problem is that the average advice call can take 15 minutes to an hour depending on the complexity of the problem. I think it is only fair that you pay the toll charges for free advice. I am sure you would agree.

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