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See our dogs and some personal history in pictures. Kind of a dogs life family album. Try not to get bored.

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We have "8+" Dogs.
Some are shown below beginning with Jazz. We have had as high as 12 within the last few years.
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Darr's Rescue Border Collie.
When we rescued Jazz he was destined to be at the end of a gun barrel. At one year old he was an accomplished sheep dog at a local farmer's.
The farmer went out of sheep due to the coyote problem and Jazz had to get a new hobby. He chose that hobby as killing the farmer's chickens.

Once we adopted Jazz, Darr worked very hard and was consistant and patient as she turned him around to where now he is an accomplished the highest titled for an agility dog. Today the worst thing Jazz does when he is bored is continually look out the window at anything that moves...or looks like it's going to move
We have a total of 5 border collies, 5 german shepherds and a mixed breed of some sort. Darr calls it a Beenie something or another.
Those are just our dogs. Many times there as many as 40-50 other peoples dogs here mostly for boarding and or training. I will be adding pictures as well as a history on each of ours as I get the time to do so.
To know about Kelsey's history click here.

Here is a group picture including Darr and Shallon standing next to Herb Williams (right) and as a member of one of the Canadian Superdog Team competing at a Royal Winter Fair finals in Toronto Canada.